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Classes with the Central PA Sabermasters are focused team meetings that not only provide opportunities to develop your skills, but bond with your fellow actors and performers. We want to develop the skills necessary to look amazing on stage when pulling off a performance, and support each other through growth and show creation.

Class basics, taught by a veteran member, consist of basic strikes and movements. These are 'building blocks' or bridges between movements, but are never the end-all of a fight. Each person's style is unique in their own way and basic movements are a way to enhance this. Practice of more stylized movements, saber spins and footwork is emphasized. Forms, both in the traditional saber group style as well as customized forms and group choreography is taught.

If you're worried about how to create a choreographed fight, don't be! Your veteran members will be there to give lots of feedback and help you over 'hurdles' that you may encounter. We always encourage development of fights with multiple members, so there is a lot of opportunity for growth. Each member of CPAS brings his or her own specialty to a fight, and it's a great challenge and bit of teamwork to come up with something together. Group choreography consists of multiple 'opponents' fighting or even a large melee. Imagine so many fights going on at once on stage!

Some of our best show creation has come from a simple roundtable discussion. Bouncing ideas off one another, laughing at what works, scratching out what doesn't. The collaborative effort with CPAS is unique in that we all contribute to what works as an individual performer and then it gets added into a show. We want all our members to be a part of creating the best show possible. This means everyone is fully invested and therefore their best is brought forward. Our performances are constantly practiced and with that consistency comes a very clean show, and more importantly a feeling of confidence and accomplishment for our members.

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