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We’re very excited that you want us to come out and appear at your event or convention! The Central Pennsylvania Sabermasters (CPAS) is based out of Harrisburg, PA and travels to events throughout the state and bordering states, based on our member’s availability. The sooner you request an appearance, the better chance we have of our helpful members staffing it (and in greater numbers)!


We are a volunteer organization and charity group. Therefore we do not accept money or payment for our appearances. Should you desire, a donation in the name of the Central PA Sabermasters to a local charity would be much appreciated. If you are in need of a good charity, please let us know, we have several wonderful causes we support.


Events that directly benefit charity or the community have a better chance of us appearing compared to private events (weddings, parties, etc.). Some events may warrant LucasFilm Limited review, such as appearance at retail events, sports events, etc. CPAS has the right to refuse an event based on content or safety of it’s members or the public.


Anyone requesting the appearance of the group should be in authority for the requesting party and be at least 18 years old.

By clicking “Request an Appearance” I am acknowledging that I understand the information contained on this page.

Thanks! Your request has been sent!

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