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Choose a side/costume. It is by no means required, but you are encouraged to create both Light and Dark Side characters. This will give you increased flexibility when working with new partners and preparing for performances. In addition, you may want to consider your fighting style when deciding what you want to wear.


Familiarize yourself with the costume standards for the character you wish to create. If you wish to portray a face character (i.e., a named character within the Star Wars universe) communicate with the costume judge(s) and find the CCJK requirements for that character. If there is no standard for them, you will be asked to write one.


The costume judge(s) may ask you for a list of components, including colors and descriptions, especially if your design is highly customized or you give them concept art.


You are free to make or buy your costume or components. However, keep in mind that it can be difficult to know how a costume will fit you when purchased online. There is no one seller that we can endorse as a guaranteed approval.


Post a build thread in the Temple Quartermaster > Costume Discussion forum. Keep it updated with photos and other helpful information about your costume progress. This will be where costume judge(s) and other members offer feedback and advice.


It is recommended that you ask for feedback before buying parts or materials. Obtaining fabric swatches is significantly more helpful than taking photos of the fabric you are considering.


Once your costume is finished, take good quality photos against a neutral background or green/blue screen. You will need photos of all sides, namely front, back, left/right as well as a closeup of the head/face, belt, boots, and other accessories. You will also need an action shot – Make sure you look cool!


Email the photos to the costume judge(s) and post them in your thread.


For costumes that are very close to completion with an event approaching soon, temporary approval may be granted at the costume judge(s)’ discretion. In that case, you will be given a list of areas for improvement for the costume to gain official approval.


We encourage you to make or buy a costume specifically for your own use. Borrowing, while sometimes necessary, is not preferred. If you must borrow a costume, you will still need to obtain temporary approval from the costume judge(s) via email or in person at practice.


It may take up to 1-2 weeks for the costume judge(s) to make a decision on your submission. However, they should acknowledge your email within 48 hours.


Face characters approved by other clubs (i.e., 501st, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs) are not automatically approved for CCJK performances. They may be worn for troop-only appearances, but the costume judge(s) and/or fight director(s) will review them for safety prior to them being worn in a performance situation.


Non-Jedi/Sith costumes must be approved by their respective clubs (501st, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs) before they are worn to troop at CCJK events.


You may purchase an approved costume that was worn by another member of CCJK or other club. However, there may be adjustments necessary before it is approved for your use (i.e., fit, safety, repairs).


Generic Jedi approved by the Rebel Legion will be automatically allowed in CCJK. However, if they are wearing a black tunic or too dark a color scheme, they will be approved as a Sith and required to wield a lightsaber with a red, orange, or purple blade.

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